• I Help Businesses to Start Marketing Online by Selecting the Methods Most Appropriate for Them.

    I don't do flashy. I don't do cutting edge. I do what is real, what is proven, and what works.

  • Are You Stuck Trying to Get Your Product or Service In the Hands of Those Who Desperately Need or Want It?

    Tim Heeter - Online Marketing Consultant

  • Your problem is not a lack of an excellent product or service.


    In fact, you actually produce solutions that far eclipse the products provided by the "other guys". Even those companies far larger than you and with far more "experience".


    But the problem is...no one knows about how amazing you and your team are.


    And if no one knows about it, how will you ever get your product in the hands of those who need it most?


    My name is Tim Heeter and I am the founder of Heeter Marketing, LLC.


    At Heeter Marketing we provide step-by-step strategies to help you CLOSE THE GAP between your poorly performing online "real estate", and that of your direct competitors.


    Contrary to what you might think, it's not rocket science, black magic, or even a mystery at all.


    It is a series of simple, proven, and repeatable steps to help your company take a huge leap forward online.


    And that means MORE SALES.


    It really comes down to two steps...


    Step 1. Evaluate where you are at right now compared to where you want to go.


    Step 2. Take the next simple step that heads directly toward your goal.


    For example...


    A few years ago I started working with a company that had

    • no website
    • no Facebook page
    • no general trust of computers (except for their accountant ;-)
    • and their main competitor had a 7 year head start online!
    But they did have an innovative product that blows the competition away.
    The only problem is...
    ...like you, no one knew they existed.

    By teaching them to implement simple steps, we were able to immediately get some sales within the first few months.


    Encouraged, they continued their efforts faithfully and consistently over time.


    And now 4 years later, we have just celebrated $1,000,000 in total online sales!

  • Not bad for a team who just a few years ago could barely check their email, let alone run an online store.

  • The best part?


    Everything they are doing now is so "normal and routine" they barely even notice. 


    I believe that is why you are here too.


    To find your "next new normal" -- and lots of online success.

  • Let's get clear on where you are at, so we can get clarity on how to get you where you want to go.

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